The internet has become a great tool for recognition of your company, products and product information. We are now designing and hosting web sites and domains.

There is a need for small businesses to be able to have a web site without being too costly. We give our customers individuality in design that is flexible. Cost is a major concern to us all. We have server space that allows us to charge a minimal yearly fee for a smaller site, or we can make more space available if needed.

Web Site Pricing:

Domain Registration 1 year $30.00
2-3 years $20.00 per yr
4+ years $15.95 per yr
Site Hosting Includes one email account $125.00 per yr
Additional accounts $30.00 per yr
Site Design Initial site development $500.00
Any set up above 20 hours $60.00 per hr
Terms Net due upon billing
All invoices will be submitted via email in PDF format
Initial Costs Number of years for domain registration
Hosting for one year
Initial site design/development

Sample Web Sites:

Click on some of the web sites listed below that we have designed.

Domain Registration:

  • Registering your domain name is the very first thing that you will do for your new web site.
  • We will assist you to find a suitable domain name for your business. Since someone else might be using the same name as you would like to us it will become necessary to find a name that gives easy recognition for your site.
  • Domains names are the address where your customers can find your web site and information.
  • You will have the option to register your domain name for one to 10 years. It is suggested that you register for 2 or more year, preferably 5 years because of search engines.
  • Domain registration is an annual fee.
  • Search Engines:

  • Google, Bing and Yahoo are good examples of how visitors to the internet can find your information..
  • These search engine have a formula that they use to evaluate your site and various parts and pages in your site. They are looking for common words, phrases and links to other address on the internet to place your site when someone types in information on a search engine. All the engines have different formulas and the results can be totally different on each one.
  • Meta tags at the head of your web page, videos, advertising with search engines, youtube, facebook and many others internet areas can have an effect on the placement of your information on the various search engines.
  • Your site can get higher up on the list if you are willing to pay for advertisement.
  • Hosting:

  • Hosting can be a monthly charge or annual charge. This will depend on the size of your site and all the extras you might think you need to have.
  • Your site will be stored on a server somewhere on the internet.
  • Please remember that all the bells and whistles like online payment, online ordering and other extras are at a cost, usually monthly.
  • Preparing for Your Site:

    Basic parts of web site Basic parts of web page
  • The more information that you can put down on paper and in a word processing package will help both you and the web designer. This will get all your information out to your customer.
  • Start taking photos of what you would like to see for your business. Take these with a digital camera so that they can be sized and carefully positioned on your site.
  • Think about colors for your web site.
  • Think about location of navigation bar to allow easy movement and access through your site.
  • Security:

  • Think about security of your information and what you really want the world to see.
  • Once it goes on the internet, it can not be taken off.
  • Email:

  • We can set up email accounts with your domain name. [ ]
  • You can access the email account through your web browser, direct from internet or forwarded to an existing email account.
  • Web Design:

  • We have found that a web site creates itself and evolves as it develops into your web presence.
  • Maintaining a site is the most expensive part if you can not take advantage of PDF files for up dates and Facebook, etc.
  • Hyperlink to your Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or other special areas on the internet can help you get information out that regularly changes.
  • I feel that a good designed web site/page does not need to be updated on a regular schedule. Most information like prices and items that change daily or weekly can easily be made in a word processing program and printed to a PDF file for posting.
  • If you look at this page on our web site and printed, you will see that with a little planning you can create for both mediums.